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Micro hydro Sumba

Meet our team

The team behind the program is spread across the world, from Europe to Central America and from Africa to Southeast Asia. Read more about us below!

Eco Matser – Program Manager


Eco Matser has also started new programs such as the Energy Change Lab, creating space for dangerous thinking, exploring complex ideas, and searching for innovative solutions in the energy domain in Tanzania and globally (Energy Change Lab).

He also started the Sumba Iconic Island program, where Indonesian governments, civils society organizations and private sector work together to provide 100% renewable energy for the 700.000 inhabitants of this poor Indonesian island. With this program, Sumba will turn this into a leading example of 100% renewable energy (Sumba Iconic Island).

Eco Matser is based in the Hivos Global Office in The Hague but visits the regions frequently to work closely with the regional project leaders and partners to deliver the results on Green and Inclusive Energy.


Rita Poppe – Global Advocacy Officer

Rita Poppe is the global advocacy officer Green & Inclusive Energy at Hivos. She works in the field of energy access and climate finance at global level, connecting on the ground energy realities with international policy and finance.

Rita has a background in politics, international relations and lobby and advocacy. She has extensive experience in working for the Dutch and EU parliament as well as in lobby and advocacy on human rights and energy and climate. Rita holds a Masters degree in International Relations from Groningen University.

Rita enjoys working with other stakeholders, bringing about change in unsuspected ways.


Twitter: @ritapoppe

Maimuna Kabatesi – Advocacy Officer East Africa

Maimuna Kabatesi has a background in Environment and Development and has worked in various capacities in the environmental sector including climate change, energy and agriculture.

Currently Maimuna is managing the Green & Inclusive Energy program at Hivos East Africa, working in Kenya and Tanzania. The program is working with different actors including county/district and national governments, other civil society and media among others towards the common goal of increased energy access and inclusivity in the energy sector.

She particularly enjoys thinking of new ways to communicate the message of green and inclusive energy -to get new and previously unheard voices involved in the fight for universal energy access.

“It’s fantastic to work and have real impact not only on policies and processes so that they are more inclusive, but also people’s lives through connecting citizens to those currently guiding the energy transition. The more inclusive we are, the closer we get to universal clean energy access for all.”


Twitter: @munakab

Reginald Mapfumo – Advocacy Officer Southern Africa

Reginald has over 9 years experience in the energy sector, and has worked as a social scientist with communities for 15 micro hydro schemes in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zimbabwe. He has also coordinated a network for Gender and Energy in Zimbabwe. Other positions include Monitoring and Evaluation manager for the energy projects and advocacy projects with his previous organisation.

In the process he has worked with the policy makers at the highest level advocating for the development of relevant policies to ensure increased adoption of renewable energy in Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe. He has also been involved working with regional bodies which include Southern Africa Development Community and SADC-Regional Electricity Regulatory Authority (RERA).

He is passionate about seeing transformation of communities using sustainable energy.


Henriette Imelda – Advocacy Officer Indonesia

Henriette Imelda joined Hivos in mid-2017 as Regional Advocacy Officer Green and Inclusive Energy. Previously she worked with Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR) and Pelangi Indonesia. She has a vast experience in Climate Change, in particular Climate Finance, Energy Access, Renewable Energy, and Gender integration in the renewable energy sector. Since 2014, she provides advice to Indonesia’s delegation to the UNFCCC on the issue of climate finance. She has also provided advice to the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection on gender integration in the renewable energy sector. She graduated from Universiteit Twente and Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (the Netherlands) majoring Chemical Engineering. She went to Bandung Institute of Technology for her Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering.

Sheila Oparaocha – Program Manager ENERGIA


Sheila Oparaocha has over eighteen years of working experience in the gender and energy sector. Sheila is the International Coordinator and Programme Manager of the ENERGIA International Network on Gender and Sustainable Energy, established in 1996 to create an institutional base for galvanising action aimed at integrating gender into the energy access agenda of developing countries.

Sheila has the overall and primary responsibility for managing ENERGIA’s international programmes, planning, monitoring, reporting and liaising with ENERGIA’s donors. Sheila also provides technical support to ENERGIA’s activities on women entrepreneurship development, gender mainstreaming in energy programmes, international policy advocacy, research and evidence development, network building and knowledge management.

Sheila is the co-chair of the multi-stakeholder SDG 7 Technical Advisory Group convened by UN DESA.