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What we do

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To push the transition towards green and inclusive energy systems, HivosENERGIAIIED and national civil society organizations (CSOs), are partnering with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a five-year advocacy program kicked off in 2016.

The program works to influence energy policies at international, regional and national level and is being implemented in Indonesia, Nepal, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

Download a 2-page document about our program here.

Key messages

1. Harness the potential of decentralized renewable energy for universal energy access

Decentralized renewable energy (DRE) is the most flexible and cost-effective solution to speed up the delivery of energy for all. With locally generated energy through off-grid and mini-grids, DRE is a ‘leapfrog’ technology that offers affordable electricity to those living in poor and remote areas. DRE has a wide scope of delivery compared to traditional on-grid solutions and is opening markets to wider participation and competition.

2. Enable and support the flow of both private and public finance into decentralized renewable energy

Only a fraction of finance is going to decentralized energy solutions. The problem is therefore not a lack of finance, but how finance flows: mainly to large on-grid projects in higher income countries, while the greatest need is for off-grid in lower income areas. Maintaining business-as-usual will not get us to universal energy access by 2030 as laid out in SDG7.

3. Multi-stakeholder initiatives and cross-sectoral partnerships are key in achieving energy access for all

To achieve universal energy access, we need the contribution and expertise of all sectors to co-create new solutions. Working across sectors, we can reach out relevant stakeholders, from both energy and non-energy backgrounds such as the health and education sectors, businesses and women’s groups. Only by showing joint leadership, we can ensure access for all to affordable and modern electricity, clean cooking solutions and energy for productive uses.