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  • Facilitator: “Why do we write?” “To tell the stories of others and inspire,” answered a participant during the opening session of the Narrative Writing and Media Outreach training. I attended a fascinating two-day training that Hivos conducted as part of a project funded by the Norwegian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia. This one-year project entitled ‘Good […]

  • In the opening remarks at last week’s SEforALL Forum, CEO Rachel Kyte urged more than 900 participants to push for progress to reach SDG7. We have much to celebrate but at the current pace, we will not achieve universal energy access by 2030. The number of people gaining access to energy is growing but is […]

  • Leading up to the first official review of SDG7 in July, a major milestone was reached with the launch of 27 policy briefs to support the review process. In addition, a summary for policy makers captured the SDG7 progress and highlights decentralised renewable energy as crucial for advancing SDG7 implementation.   Since the Sustainable Development […]

  • The annual International Women’s Day calls for a PressforProgress on gender stereotypes, visibility of women, and celebration of women’s achievements. In the area of energy entrepreneurship, women often have to work twice as hard to show their worth and do not receive the credit they deserve for being innovative change makers. Hivos’ partner ENERGIA supports […]

  • In support of the review of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7 on access to energy during the UN High-level Political Forum (HLPF) later this year, the first in a series of preparatory meetings will be held from 21 to 23 February in Bangkok. This Global SDG7 Conference brings together stakeholders from governments, UN systems and […]

  • … but at the same time stay true to their values Blog post by Merit Hindriks, communications officer Hivos When we look at the way organisations communicate, we often see that NGOs, like Hivos, are particularly fond of imposing their own worldview on their audiences. The language and narratives they use rarely really resonate with […]

  • Blog post by Amy Lumbal Gaol, communications officer Hivos South East Asia As the only female staff working at RESCO, a renewable energy service company established under the Sumba Iconic Island platform, Jetty Arlinda Maro, 26, has to work twice as hard as her male colleagues to prove her capacity. Unlike those men, she is […]

  • Blog post by Jonas Kachikho, YONECO Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO) conducted nine roadshows in Zomba and Machinga districts in Malawi as part of a mass awareness campaign to promote the use of clean and sustainable energy. With support from Hivos Southern Africa, YONECO is implementing a project called: “Stimulating Citizen and Public Engagement in Green and […]

  • Guest blog post by Chawezi Gondwe, CEM The Chitipa District Health Office (DHO) in Malawi is excited with the Green Inclusive Energy (GIE) project which Community Energy Malawi (CEM) is implementing in the district. The DHO lamented at the lack of technical backstopping on solar PV and other renewable energy systems installed at health centres in […]

  • Mid-afternoon in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second largest city. Scores of visitors troop to the Ministry of Energy and Power Development exhibition stand at Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF), attracted by one of Zimbabwe’s top internet sensations, Rolland Lunga aka Boss Kedha. Boss Kedha, an online comedian, immediately welcomes the visitors and invites them to take a […]