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    Bridging the gap: how inclusive finance boosts access to off-grid energy

    Drawing on research in Nepal and Bangladesh, this IIED-Hivos briefing shows how policymakers, financiers, civil society and the private sector can leverage ‘inclusive’ financing models to unlock the private investment needed to provide off-grid systems to marginalised communities and bridge the energy access gap.

    Date: February 2019

    Type: pdf

    Size: 118,7 KB

    Off-grid productivity: powering universal energy access

    In this briefing we present evidence and experiences from the Hivos' and IIED's Energy Change Lab with Productive Uses of Energy (PUE). It describes the actions needed to be taken by governments, donors and mini-grid developers to unleash the potential of PUE for universal energy access.

    Date: January 2019

    Type: pdf

    Size: 165,86 KB

    Brooklyn Coalition – Best practices and recommendations

    To speed up the uptake of decentralised renewable energy the Brooklyn Coalition is leading frontrunner solutions for achieving universal energy access. We are committed to ensure that social and economic development includes communities with the greatest energy needs and want to share our best practices from the field in this 2-pager.To speed up the uptake of decentralised renewable energy the...

    Date: July 2018

    Type: pdf

    Size: 60,78 KB

    Accelerating SDG7 Achievement – Policy Brief 24

    This policy brief on Energy Sector Transformation: Decentralized Renewable Energy for Universal Energy Access, is prepared as inputus for the UN High Level Political Forum SDG7 review. Hivos contributed to drafting this policy brief.

    Date: 2018

    Type: pdf

    Size: 1,78 MB

    Communicating Decentralised Renewable Energy to Financiers and Senior Policymakers

    Effective engagement requires communicators to recognise and reflect the worldview of their target audience. Attempts by Non-Governmental Organisations to project their own motivations are rarely successful. In this report we have therefore sought to find language that accurately reflects the values and motivations reported by people from our audiences.

    Date: February 2018

    Type: pdf

    Size: 869,2 KB

    Dutch approach for clean cooking solutions

    Dutch public and private actors join hands to tackle inhouse air pollution by promoting Clean Cooking Solutions. Together we strive for healthy living conditions, especially for women, and less environmental damage due to deforestation. This approach offers great opportunities for carbon market development and innovations geared towards the cleanest solutions.

    Date: 2018

    Type: pdf

    Size: 5,48 MB

    Brooklyn Coalition:Best Practices Decentralised Renewable Energy

    The best practices show how actors—SELCO India, Schneider Electric, and the Kenyan, Dutch and Nepalese governments—have contributed to the increase of energy access with decentralised renewable energy and what measures were taken to deliver the results.

    Date: 2017

    Type: pdf

    Size: 77,95 KB

    EU Financial Instruments for Access to Energy

    This study aims to provide insights into the approaches and instruments adopted by the EU to promote access to energy, and their ability to reach the poor and remote areas and contribute to SDG 7. It looks at EU’s financial instruments to leverage private finance in view to promote universal access to energy.

    Date: November 2017

    Type: pdf

    Size: 1,99 MB

    Facilitating International Climate Finance Flows to Kenya’s Decentralised Renewable Energy Sector – policy brief

    In Kenya, decentralized energy solutions receive only 2% of the total investments in the energy sector, a fraction of what is needed to achieve universal energy access. This policy brief gives recommendations on how to unlock more finance for DRE. From creating an enabling environment for private sector participation to promoting energy for productive use.

    Date: october 2017

    Type: pdf

    Size: 729,99 KB

    Ensuring energy access for all: Why civil society’s contribution is crucial

    The key to achieve universal energy access is diverse partnerships. We need all sectors of society – public, private and civil society – to do their part and work together. This report demonstrates specifically the role of Civil society organisations in ensuring energy access for all.

    Date: 2017

    Type: pdf

    Size: 974,15 KB

    The story of energy access

    How Energia and Hivos work with partners to effect global change by focusing on local, sustainable solutions. The projects in this booklet work every angle and across sectors to solve the issue of energy access. Ranging from off-grid “first mile” communities to government buildings in capital cities where energy legislation is passed, these projects empower female energy entrepreneurs, introduce technical...

    Date: 2017

    Type: pdf

    Size: 1004,34 KB

    Beyond Fire: How to achieve sustainable cooking

    This report aims to become a tool for policymakers to understand what is at stake and suggest concrete steps to drive this transition towards universal sustainable cooking. With the right legal framework, concerted policy attention and public support, achieving universal cooking can become a reality and we will be able, finally, to go beyond fire.

    Date: October 2016

    Type: pdf

    Size: 5,24 MB