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  • In this briefing we present evidence and experiences from the Hivos’ and IIED’s Energy Change Lab with Productive Uses of Energy (PUE). It describes the actions needed to be taken by governments, donors and mini-grid developers to unleash the potential of PUE for universal energy access.

  • To speed up the uptake of decentralised renewable energy the Brooklyn Coalition is leading frontrunner solutions for achieving universal energy access. We are committed to ensure that social and economic development includes communities with the greatest energy needs and want to share our best practices from the field in this 2-pager.To speed up the uptake […]

  • How Energia and Hivos work with partners to effect global change by focusing on local, sustainable solutions. The projects in this booklet work every angle and across sectors to solve the issue of energy access. Ranging from off-grid “first mile” communities to government buildings in capital cities where energy legislation is passed, these projects empower […]

  • This report aims to become a tool for policymakers to understand what is at stake and suggest concrete steps to drive this transition towards universal sustainable cooking. With the right legal framework, concerted policy attention and public support, achieving universal cooking can become a reality and we will be able, finally, to go beyond fire.