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  • Engaging with media fraternity including individual journalists, is an important strategy of the Green & Inclusive Energy Program. Journalists put topics on the agenda, steer the debate and enhance transparency and accountability. The program supports independent journalism in different ways; from organizing training and fellowships to opening doors to (inter)national platforms. In order to strengthen […]

  • ‘Beyond Fire: How to achieve electric cooking’ is an update of the in 2016 published report ‘Beyond Fire: How to achieve sustainable cooking‘ This updated report builds on the conclusions of the original and goes one step further. By zooming into the current financial viability of alternative cooking technologies, this report focuses on electric cooking, […]

  • Dutch public and private actors join hands to tackle inhouse air pollution by promoting Clean Cooking Solutions. Together we strive for healthy living conditions, especially for women, and less environmental damage due to deforestation. This approach offers great opportunities for carbon market development and innovations geared towards the cleanest solutions.

  • This report aims to become a tool for policymakers to understand what is at stake and suggest concrete steps to drive this transition towards universal sustainable cooking. With the right legal framework, concerted policy attention and public support, achieving universal cooking can become a reality and we will be able, finally, to go beyond fire.

  • This study was set-up with the aim to quantify the health impact of NBP by measuring the reduction of hazardous pollutants, CO and PM2.5 of households that use biogas and matching households in terms of family size, socioeconomic conditions and cooking conditions without a biodigester.